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Slave Resistance

The main questions to be answered will be, how did they organize themselves? Who facilitated them and what support did they get from the parties concern? The slaves deployed various means and the movie will be tasked in supporting and answering the question.
The movie is themed at exploring how brutal the slave regime was, it is evident when Shola witnesses a pregnant woman being beaten to death. The incident changed the way Shola’s perceived slave to be (Gerima, Sankofa). This reflects and explains factors that led to the resistance and uprising that aimed at fighting slave trade. Various factors including introduction of machinery and the industrial revolution where the external factors that facilitated the abolishment of slave trade. The internal factors included the enlightenment of the African and the increased population of the African Americans who gave the resistance strength and numerical advantages. The two factors prompted the slaves to deploy various means of airing their grievances.
The first tactic deployed by the slaves was the formation of vigilante groups. They where aimed at uniting Africans and used cruel means to fight their masters. The groups where well organized and the information and command came from a single source. The source acted as the leadership structure of the vigilantes. The leaders used their influential nature to convince many African slaves to join the movement. This is evident when Shola’s lover who was a filed slave convinced Shola to join the rebellion (Gerima, Sankofa). The move explains how the rebellions organized themselves. In this case, the field slave acted as the leader of the rebellion. He did communication; it is evident when he directs Shola to poison her white owners. This shows the method the groups used to communicate and execute their plan. Various individuals where given different roles and directed to report on any development.
The second method used ...
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The rush for cheap labor prompted many to explore Africa. The availability of labor led to slave trade this was enhanced by various factors and well-organized and coordinated nature of doing business…
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