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How and Why Does Du Bois Allude to Swift's A Modest Proposal - Essay Example

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How and Why Does Du Bois Allude to Swift's A Modest Proposal

In his story, A Mild Suggestion, Du Bois alludes Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Having looked at the problems that were caused by the high population characterized by poor people in Ireland, Swift does his calculations and comes up with a proposal for the Ireland society. He says that, “I propose to provide for them in such a Manner, as, instead of being a Charge upon their Parents, or the Parish, or wanting Food and Raiment for the rest of their Lives; they shall, on the contrary, contribute to the Feeding, and partly to the Clothing, of many Thousands” (Swift 3). Swift states that the problem that affects the society most is overpopulation. In fact, he states that most abortions occur in society because of financial constraints as opposed to moral decadence. He states that poor people give birth to many children whereas they cannot afford to cater for their needs. Through satire, he proposes that poor catholic families of Irish origin should feed and fatten their children then sell them to wealthy people, the Protestants, who are the land owners. This way they will be able to resolve the predicament of poverty and starving their children. The wealthy Protestants would use those children for their food purposes. This is a satirical story that mocks the poor in the society(Swift 4). W.E.B Du Bois alludes Swift’s A Modest Proposal by writing A Mild Suggestion. ...
He emphasizes on his proposal by stating that, "The next morning there would be ten million funerals, and therefore no Negro problem. Think how quietly the thing would be settled!" (Du Bois 19).Therefore, he offers a solution for the white population that would enable them end the problem that has long been existent. The two stories are about class struggles in the society. Both Swift and Du Bois have problems that they think require a solution that will end those problems once and for all. The problem that Swift wants to solve is poverty and starvation caused by irresponsible births brought about by the poor. Dubois wants to solve the problem of racism that exists between the white population and the black population, in the United States of America. Both Swift and Du Bois offer controversial solutions that favor one group and discriminate on another group, in the same society. Du Bois alludes Swift by offering a similar proposal but on a different case. Despite the fact that Du Boise does not carry out a mathematical analysis, he analyzes the issues surrounding racism between the whites and blacks, in America. After his analysis, he proposes to the white that the best option is to slaughter blacks. Du Bois similarly proposes that slaughtering the people who are the problem, in the society is the best solution. Swift proposes the children to be slaughtered while Du Bois proposes the blacks to be slaughtered (Du Bois 50). Du Bois also alludes Swift by offering a solution to the problem that affects the people who are powerful or the high class in the society. In swift’s case, the powerful are the wealthy Protestants. They will not be affected because their children will not be slaughtered. In Du Bois case, the powerful are the whites who claim ...Show more


Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: How and why does Du Bois allude to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” Jonathan Swifts’ A model proposal was received by readers with mixed reactions. Many people criticized Swift for being inhuman and considered him as a person who did not respect and value human life…
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How and Why Does Du Bois Allude to Swifts A Modest Proposal essay example
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