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What is the American Dream and is it still alive today

What is the American dream and is it still alive today essay examines the American dream with a focus on whether people have abandoned the dream to pursue their personal self-interests. If the American dream is still present and alive, does it still hold for all Americans? This is the question that ardent followers of the American philosophy want conclusive answers.
Currently, the question that lingers in the minds of most American citizens is whether they are still able to achieve this dream. Due to the American dream essay, America is a country that prides in economic mobility where chances for equal opportunities for success are possible, but, whether every single individual can succeed remains an unsolved puzzle. The hurting reality is that inasmuch as statistics show that 84% of people out-earn their parents and that the poorest Americans are better off than they used to, it’s still not easy to move from one social class to another. The rich people do all they can to consolidate their riches while the poor remains in their class. Class mobility is not very much easy in America compared to its neighbor Canada and another country like Britain. It is projected that an increase in one’s income may not necessarily prompt a shift in class since the gap between the rich and the poor is too wide.
Even though movement across one class seems hard, there is one solution that has been seen to enable people move up their social class.
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What is the American dream and is it still alive today essay describes the dream which is founded on the principle of equality, where everyone has equal chances for success, justice and achievements. Accorrding to the American Dream essay, the dream is about having a land full of opportunities…
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