The key difference between argument and persuasion is that persuasion necessitates your selection of a specific audience to which the writing is addressed and to analyze the situation surrounding a political issue - Essay Example

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The key difference between argument and persuasion is that persuasion necessitates your selection of a specific audience to which the writing is addressed and to analyze the situation surrounding a political issue

Before I answer the two questions, I will first explain, briefly, the two essays that I wrote in this semester. The brief explanation of the two essays will help to clarify my answers to the two questions.
The first essay that I wrote was on the phenomenon of capital punishment in the American Constitution. In this essay I have exposed the argument for and against capital punishment. I have also showed how capital punishment is indeed a community problem.
The concept of the capital punishment as a form of punishment for felony is based, firstly, on the idea that capital punishment can act as a deterrent for future crimes. What this means is that capital punishment can scare the potential criminals, thus deterring future commission of crime. Also, it is argued that killing the criminals means that the criminals will not be able to commit crime again; killing criminals breaks down the cycle of crime. For this reason, the proponents of capital punishment contend that capital punishment deters crime. But whether or not capital punishment, actually, deters crime is a debatable issue.
The second premise on which the concept of capital punishment is based is the idea that capital punishment is the befitting form of punishment for serious crimes. The proponents of this view contend that capital punishment is the severest form of punishment, and this therefore means that it should be meted out against the people who have committed the severest crimes.
The fourth argument in support of the capital punishment is the idea that capital punishment restores the moral imbalance that results from commission of felonious crimes. According to the advocates of this view, killing the criminals who have committed felonious crimes is doing justice both to the criminals and the victims of murder.
The first argument against capital punishment is that capital punishment is counter-productive. This is because, it is argued, killing the criminal ...
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The first question is on how the concept of audience affected my writing. In answering this question, I will explain how I dealt with the issue of audience as I wrote the two essays…
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