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analyze a situation in which you were faced with a moral dilemmaof whether or not to obey a figure of authority or yield to group pressure - Essay Example

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analyze a situation in which you were faced with a moral dilemmaof whether or not to obey a figure of authority or yield to group pressure

Individuals have little or no time to make weight sides and make decisions accurately. This makes it even trickier considering that each of the options has its own results. In addition, none of the options can be referred to as illegal but rather unethical. Such dilemmas range from very simple acts such as completing an assignment or copying it from the internet to very complex situations that may involve loss of life
Everyone is forced by events to make preferences or decisions on a daily basis. More often than not, such conditions may be uncomfortable or embarrassing and need complicating judgement. Such conditions usually necessitate answering the question; what is the ethically better choice? Such situations come about there being no situation that is wholly ethical in itself. Through ethical interpretation, individuals consider the possible implications and consequences of actions in response to principles or ethical dilemmas.
Multiple moralities are a major issue in moral dilemmas especially because distinct to the legislature, morals are not clearly stipulated and often change depending on issues like religion and location. There are some rare cases of multiple moralities whereby individuals may be faced by ethical dilemmas due to overlap in moral believes. In such cases, it becomes even trickier since the person has to forego one or more of the choices. Multiple modalities may also come up as a result of representing people with different cultural backgrounds and thus different moralities. Such cases are difficult to resolve due to the time constraint.
In the case of an ethical dilemma, an individual regards himself as having moral background to do either of the actions. Noteworthy is the fact that it is impossible to do both actions simultaneously. This further defines a moral dilemma in ethical terms. The fundamentals of a moral dilemma may include: a situation where an individual (agent) is obligated to do every one of ...Show more


The terminologies morals and ethics can be used interchangeably. In ethics, most of the discussions revolve around what is good or bad, right or wrong, in addition to…
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