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response to Andre Nortons Daybreak 2250 AD

For example, socially, people were not socialized on the negative repercussions of post-atomic life. Additionally, the destruction of environment as witnessed by Fors in his adventure demonstrates a cultural civilization of ruination and reckless existence. Inadequate cultural uniformity equally contributes to the depiction of Fors and Arskane as adventurous beings by Norton. It, therefore, illustrates the clash of culture and civilization in the author’s writing (Norton 111). Consequently, as a science and fiction writer, Norton’s world has taken different directions that intersect at the creation of a magical realm that humanizes his characters. On that account, the three dimensions of the author’s production of fiction rests upon his absorption, transformation and socialization in weaving contests between civilization and tribal life as portrayed in Day Break-220 A.D. The events affecting Fors’ life depend on the challenges of bringing ancient technology to the village. Norton’s world, therefore, is clouded with ambivalence of presenting themes affecting Fors’ village.
Numerous aspects, issues, and effects arise in the world created by Norton in the context of adventures given to his characters. The novelist, for instance, establishes a complex tale of Fors’ life in the lowlands to help his tribe from falling to the pitfalls of ancient destruction. This is through critical evaluation of issues dealing with culture, technology and peaceful existence. As a result, the Fors meets with Arskane in a promising adventure that is marked with active interaction with the wilderness to find answers concerning the impending post-atomic catastrophe (Norton 123). Conversely, the text transports the reader to the haunting themes of disruption of social structures and the misuse of technology to attain civilization.
Penetrating Norton’s world requires close assessment of his illustration of the social structures and the overall consequence on his ...
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This is because experiences and issues influencing individuals are different as noted by the lives of Fors and Arskane (Norton 109). Despite the social…
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