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In this article, conceal and carry advocates coming from the University of Minnesota have pushed for the repeal of the laws that prohibit students from carrying a gun on campus and even from storing guns in their cars regardless of the presence of a permit to carry a firearm or…

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Moreover, the article emphasizes the legal right of people to carry guns in a democratic country like the United States, and so this becomes the basis of further investigation as to how far should the legality of one’s right be acknowledged vis-à-vis safety and security.
A Florida gun-rights group in the name of Florida Carry decided to file a lawsuit against the University of Florida because the latter has allegedly and unjustly instituted a total gun ban in its campus. Furthermore, according to the gun-rights group, the university has blatantly violated the citizens’ right to carry weapons as it prohibited not only the carrying of weapons but also the storing of weapons in cars within the campus. For this gun-rights group, the right of people to store guns is really a matter of personal privacy. However, there is no stated response from the University of Florida so far. This paper will benefit greatly from the use of this article as a good counterargument against total gun ban laws, while emphasizing the right of people to privacy. This will, however, be counteracted by the idea that safety and security must be the greater priority in an ethical dilemma such as gun-related violence.HemeTop of Form
HemeHemHemenway, David & Matthew Miller. "Firearm Availability and Homicide Rates across 26 High-Income Countries." The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 49 (2000): 985-988. Print.
The article says that wherever guns are more available in the world, there are definitely more homicides. This is the data of 26 countries culled from databases such as those of the World Bank, public surveys and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while using the Cook Index statistical tool. Among these countries, the United States is the highest for both the gun count and the homicide count. This work therefore provides the paper with one of ...
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