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For two past consequetive weekends he had been held up and had not been able to travel and see his family. He missed his daughter Lynn who was turning twelve the next day . John had every reason to be home with his family. His wife at home had left work earlier and arrived at home, instructed the househelp on the chores she needed done. When Lynn’s father called to inform her of his inability to be with them over the weekend, she had been jovial taking it as an opportunity to mingle with her friends at a Friday party. She had hurriedly rushed to the shower and dressed her best. Her friend Nadia had come pick her up. She had departed telling her maid she had was going back to work to finish some pending tasks. Jane had preferred working from her office given the ample atmosphere it gave her than at her home office in which Lynn could come nugging her for little odds and ends. Had Jane known what was laying ahead for her, she would not have made such a blunder. Jane and Nadia stomped into the red saloon car and driven off to a club where Nadia had planned to introduce her to this tall handsome guy.
Around 10.00 p.m., John had hastily arrived at the bus station, managed to get the last bus headed to his home town. His attempts to call Jane had been futile since she had switched off her cell phone. John mysteriously found himself on sit number thirteen. An odd number indeed. He had thought superstitiously to himself. The bus went at breakneck speed, but still John found it too slow. He knew he would reach his home town around midnight and he dreaded robbery that was frequent due to insecurity of the town. He wondered how he still felt so bad about his seat number. He could have changed the seat, but had brushed off the idea as baseless mere superstitious thoughts that would reflect awkwardly off him. John slept intermittently along the way. He had reveries of sweet dreams that alternated with nightmares. At a point he had woken up with a jolt, shaking and ...
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Something had come up at the workplace and he needed time to sort it out with his boss. The boss who had been away on a business trip and had assigned him a task of which he was…
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