Should all states require motorcyclists and passengers to wear helmets? - Assignment Example

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Should all states require motorcyclists and passengers to wear helmets?

The paper represents the solution and advantages of a massive problem with motorcycle deaths in the United States, which has several important consequences; it costs lives, which tears apart families and is obviously tragic, it puts a drain on already strained medical institutions, and it costs tax payers, private citizens and health insurance companies massive amounts of money each year. Though, like any problem, there is no solution that will entirely solve this issue: motorcycling, and driving generally, is inherently dangerous and nothing can be done that will prevent that. But there are methods of risk mitigation, and harm reduction, that, if used consistently by motorcyclists and their passengers will help prevent deaths and injuries. So there are two parts to this solution: what actions need to be taken by motorcyclists, and what can be done to encourage them to take those actions? As mentioned in Part I, it is clear that helmet usage can go a significant way in reducing injuries. It might also be important for motorcyclists to wear other protective gear, such as spine supports, Kevlar gloves and so on – the exact level of protection that should be warn is hard to pin down: more, however, is obviously always better. The aspect of how to get people to behave differently, two methods used in conjunction might work best: laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, and public awareness to encourage them to follow these laws for their own safety. ...
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The paper deals with Helmet laws. There are different laws imposed in different states of US. Helmet laws have seen many changes in the past. In 1967, federal government enhanced helmet use for federal safety programs and for making funds. …
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