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The heart of Othello is opened for Desdemona, but his mind remains closed. We can see that love is different with different characters of the play. The main hero Othello understands that trust is very important thing in marriage and it can’t be built in one day. However, his foes acted too rapidly and did not give him a time to build trust. The deep feeling of Othello and Desdemona appeared instantly and was built mostly on passion, but Desdemona managed to turn it into strong attachment not realized by Othello: "It cannot be true that she really loves me…if she loves me, then there must be something wrong with her" (Shakespeare). Desdemona succeeded to protect her marriage in the face of her family. She protected her choice before Brabantio and Gratiano, praising her husband’s best qualities. Othello was clever and purposeful. He proved to be a successful leader and commanded deep respect his people. Within the play, Desdemona’s character transforms gradually. Having married Othello, Desdemona acted against her father’s will and in the teeth of the Renaissance public opinion. She is “a woman who combines spiritual and physical love for Othello and who is courageous and independent in her judgments, often stubbornly so” (Hall, 1999: 67). Firstly, she had fully relied on her father, but in her married life, she had to submit to her husband. On Cyprus, she supported him in career making and dealt with household with pleasure.
Othello really loved his wife, their marriage was concluded due to deep love and passion. However, this passion was too strong and he could not control its power. It captured him so deeply that he did not want to see the truth. Jealousy is the power that appeared to kill Othello. It was Iago who helped this destructive feeling occupy the soul of the mail hero of the play. Stupid Iago thought that he knows everything about jealousy but he did not take into ...
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Having read The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare, it is possible to make a conclusion that love and jealousy are the main topics in this play. These too strong feelings usually possess our mind and obscure the rationale. The given paper will analyze…
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