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film analysis 2

The gifted jazz musicians try to put together their band. They search for their big hit while their lives are entangled in one night stands and flickering love affairs. The narrative or the genre is uncanny because it is a collection of different genres. It is a musical due to so many musical numbers in the movie. It is also a drama for the characters represent different traits. There is a character played by Jack Carson which is the manic-depressive bandleader, while Elia Kazan plays the free-spirited clarinetist.
The movie also incorporates the film noir genre which is probably its highlight. An escaped convict joins the band and starts his affair with the femme fatale, played by Bettie Field. This unholy union proves to be the cause of the band’s destruction. Hence the narrative structure is a collage of different film genres.
Storytelling and narrative are similar in the sense that the story incorporates so many genres that it is difficult to establish a conventional ‘storytelling formula’. There are many twists and turns that movie is hardly predictable. It also makes audience confused which is evident by mixed reviews about the movie (Othman, 1941). The way the band gets together is strange but very interesting. Somehow the band members get locked up in the same cell at a police station where they hear a blues singer singing.
It is a perfect beginning for the movie as it serves as the hook of the whole plot. The audiences start thinking about this new form band and think whether it will do good or will become oblivion. The New Jersey roadhouse called The Jungle becomes their first performance stage. The way screenwriters connect the bad with this roadhouse is through a character named Del. the meeting between the two is so strange that the character first robs them and then shows them the way to the roadhouse.
After watching the movie the audiences might feel a little ...
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 Anatole Litvak directed the movie starring Priscilla Lane, Betty Field, Richard Whorf and many notable actors. The movie had a different title when the project began. It was named Hot Nocturne and later…
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