Essay sample - Recount an incident when you experience failure and how it affected and what lesson was learned

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How had I done such a thing? I guess part of me wanted liberty at whatever cost. I had always thought that my mother simply never wanted me to enjoy myself. This was justification for…


that morning. I immediately knew it was mother. Overcome by panic, my friends and I only thought about getting me home. On the way, I played out scenarios of all the terrible things that awaited me on my arrival. Being forgiven was not one of them.
Imagine my surprise then to find her crying on the sofa. I had not anticipated this. Guilt engulfed me and I immediately regretted my selfish actions. I realized that her overprotectiveness was simply concern for my safety. As I noticed the reprieve on her face as she saw me, I realized that I should never have been in a hurry to grow up and I needed to be more responsible when making any decisions in the future. I also realized that any mistakes I make affect myself as well as those who care for ...
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