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Brighton Seaside

In 1313, Edward II granted Brighthelmston a charter that allowed market operations each Thursday at Brighton seaside. The market operations developed Brighton into a tourist site and visited by many vacationers.
In the 21st century, Brighton and Hove have grown into a world tourist attraction. The new sea front has turned into an attractive and trendy magnet for visitors. Additionally, the newly created clubs, bars and restaurants has changed the area into fashionable beachfront in Britain. Today, it is highly regarded by theatregoers and artists as the main center for much famous west ends London productions. According to statistics, Brighton pier now at 1722 ft. in length with grade two-listed building, welcomes over three million visitors annually (Easdown 2009, p.12). Besides, Brighton seaside has been included among the top ten UK destinations for overseas visitors and top five most favorite cities.
Brighton seaside is the future attraction site where one can find culture, good shopping, and enough food with the selection of specialty hotels. It is estimated to host over eight million visitors annually incorporating conference delegates and leisure visitors (Benson, 2015, p.1). According to Office for National Statistics (2014), Brighton is the most popular destination in the UK that is preferred by foreign tourists. In 2013, it hosted nearly 400, 000 foreign visitors.
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Saxons landed in Sussex around the 5th century AD. Their landing enabled them to find the kingdom of Sussex together with the village of Brighton. Centuries later, the community developed to become the city of Brighton. Moreover, anglers…
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