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Poetry Explication - Essay Example

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The poet shows that there is so much misunderstanding that the house itself suffers. Such emphasis opens and closes the poem to…

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Poetry Explication

The title of the poem is relevant to helping the reader understand that the use of the term ‘house’ is metaphorical. This is because had problems that were considered as abnormal. The speaker does so to describe a close relationship between occupants of the house that disintegrated. Various figures of speech including personification, symbolism, imagery, metaphors, and allegory are used to create layers of meaning. The use of personification is seen when the author suggests that the house has feelings and suffers hurt. This is further supported by him saying that, “some rooms declared their loyalties/ keeping to themselves, keeping out the other”( Stanza 4, Lines 2-3). The use of symbolism, on the other hand, cannot be denied as the house itself is seen as a symbol of a close relationship that fell apart. The slamming of doors, angry feet scuffing the carpets are words used that are representative of the conflict that was ongoing. Confirmation of this is in stanza 3 in reference to the shouting, threats, half apologies. There is a slight interest in the speaker trying to resolve the conflict. However, the conflict went irreversible far. This is explained by him saying, “Lines were drawn, borders established, some rooms declared their loyalties/ keeping to themselves, keeping out the other” (Stanza 4, Lines 1-3). The speaker’s words are also encompassed in imagery appealing mostly to the auditory and visual senses. For example, the uses of the term slamming, scuffing, shouting are some of the words that stimulate our auditory senses to get a feel of what was actually happening in the house. The visual senses on other hand are stimulated by the use of the words such as cracking to describe paint, broken to describe windows, which create a mental picture about the state of the house. In fact, the audience can easily visualize and dramatize in their minded the extent to ...
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