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MEMO about my topic that I will post it in attachment. ( academic analyze humor and culture) - Essay Example

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MEMO about my topic that I will post it in attachment. ( academic analyze humor and culture)

A novel idea is the creation of pranks to allow strangers become part of this activity and in doing so create a situation that makes the audience laugh.
Vitalyzd is famous for making pranks that engage common by passers or strangers, and in doing so makes them become part of an activity that is amusing for the viewers. Such pranks are interesting due to the fact that they are performed in real-life scenarios with real people who are not expecting themselves to become part of an activity that is recreational for others. Hence, such people perform in a natural manner, speak in a natural way and react to situations in completely natural ways. These natural reactions are reflections of the cultural processes that are norms of that society.
The pranks created by vitalyzd are also reflective of the prevailing cultural trends in the society. The pranks can also take into account ongoing events and political or social situations and allow the participants to respond to such events in a natural way, thereby allowing expression of hidden ...
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Whatever the standards, human beings are naturally inclined towards enjoying humor in matters of daily life. Depending upon the available means of…
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