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Experience in writing

One of my strongest points is that I have a good command of grammatical correctness; I have always practiced this in the course of improving my communication. In any piece of writing, I give much attention to avoiding spelling and typographical errors that may distort my message. The ability to organize my points in an effective way also forms part of my strengths in writing. To that end, I always ensure that my points are well organized and logically supporting my thesis. However, I have weakness in language use especially in the scenario where I have to choose the right word, among many words leading in the same direction. I tend to confuse the difference between these types of words and may end up using the least-fitting one.
My experience also features love and hate stories for writing. What I love most is the ability to communicate my mind without necessarily expressing feelings. I have weakness in expressing true feelings and, thus far, this has made writing a better place since it gives me an ample time for constructing my views to best fit the feeling I intend. In which case, my narrative skills have served me best in improving my confidence and love for writing. Despite the love, I have a strong hate for the rules restricting the use of First-persons pronouns. I always feel that such kind of cases restrict me from fully expressing myself within a piece of writing especially in a case where I would like to identify personally with my narration and let the reader have a glimpse of genuineness. ...
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This paper describes author's experience in writing, his strength, and weaknesses and how did he come up with this. The essence of the course, which mainly involve constructing story lines, forms the basis for the author to analyze his writing experience to this far…
Author : urogahn

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