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Frankenstein - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Frankenstein’s Attempt to abandon the Creature is the Real Monster Introduction In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelly attempts to humanize Dr. Frankenstein’s lab-made creature as a giant. Indeed, though the creature is endowed with every human quality such as love, compassion, sympathy, desire to have a companion, etc., a reader is misguided by its ghastly look…
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” Apparently, it seems that Dr. Frankenstein is the real culpable since he has created it ugly. But a close analysis will reveal that the society which fails to accept and nurture the creature is the real culprit. Indeed, the Victor’s creature is initially a sociable one which yearns to have a companion, but he is betrayed by his creator. He is the one who helps a wounded peasant girl; but in return, he is beaten by other peasants. Finally, it turns into a revengeful being because of the ill-treatment of the society. In fact, the creature gives what he receives from the society. He is the product of the society. Though Victor’s creature is a fantasy being, the novel teaches the readers that even animals, who are endowed with humanly quality and who even look monstrously dangerous, should be treated good but carefully. If a tiger, even though it is dangerous, is killed, the ecological balance will be destroyed. In the article “All Animals Are Equal,” Peter Singer argues that man should give the same respect to animals, since all humans and non-humans are equal. He claims that a prejudiced view to other species makes men cruel to other animals, and, as he comments, the definition of a specie is “a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of interests members of one’s own species and against those members of other species” (Singer 3). Indeed, what he means by this statement is that members of one species will put their interest on the members of other species, even though it is against the interest of the other species. For instance, if an interest can benefit a human being, man will do it to get the interest even if it is against other animals. Even Victor’s monstrous creature is assumed an animal, it should have not been treated badly. Also, Peter Singer defines equality as follows: “The principle of equality of human beings is not a description of an alleged actual equality among humans: it is a prescription how we should treat human beings” (Singer 3). Singer essentially argues that human beings should have respect for other human beings. If Victor and his society acknowledged the creature either as a man or even as an animal, they would accept him and nurture him properly. But they have not accepted the creature; instead, they treat it badly only to arouse the monstrous behavior in it. According to Singer, animals also feel pain, as he says, “there are no good reasons, scientific or philosophical, for denying that animals can feel pain. If we do not doubt that other humans feel pain we should not doubt that other animals do so too” (Singer 7). If Victor and his society understood that the creature also has a mind and feel pain, they would not treat it badly. Mary Shelly’s effort to bestow the creature with human feelings, qualities and yearnings, basically, challenges the assertion that the creature is a really dangerous monster. The terrible look of the creature does not prove that the creature should be treated badly. Initially, the creature is as naive as a child. It yearns to love and to be loved. It wants a female companion to be accompanied. Frankeinstein could attempt to socialize it, instead of being horrified by the creature’s frightening look. Dr. Frankenstein is not only the creator of the monster. In a sense, he is also its father. He cannot end his responsibility only by creating it. He should have ... Read More
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Mary Shelly wrote this book out of the various ideas she had about cult. Frankenstein proved that science could be interchanged to meet several requirements. Mary Shelly came up with the storyline because of her illusions with scientists. Analysis Frankenstein depicted several creatures through his laboratory experiments.
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Not to mention that everybody older than I was seemed to know a lot about Frankenstein. However, I have not, since very recently, actually read Shelley's novel and the experience opened my eyes not only to who Frankenstein actually was in that novel, but also to the ways of the European world in the 1800s, the beauty of the places depicted in the novel as vividly described by the author, and to Shelley herself for having produced such a very well conceptualized and written piece, moving and entertaining even after 200 years.
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