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Essay example - Convergence Culture Argumentation

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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Convergence Culture Argumentation Introductory paper Opening the symposium discussion on benefits and drawbacks of convergence culture Introduction We are living in an era where media is every where and we use all kind of media in relation to one another Definition Media convergence is the combination of old a new media in a single piece of media work…

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A mobile phone is an example of technology convergence since it can perform different tasks; play music, take photos and videos, make calls among others. Economic convergence is the merging of old business idea such as marketing in business ideas that deal with the new generation goods and services while cultural convergence is when the audience becomes the user (Junkins 200). The emergence of the media convergence has given the audience capacity to store, edit, improve and recalculate media content. This is an outcome of the current trends in new generation media which has such features like download, edit play, watch, and upload share among others. This features give the audience unlimited capacity to modify media products and take them back to the same market as if they were originals. The consumer is therefore gaining more control over the flow o f media products. Global convergence occurs due to international circulation of media products such as music and film content (Junkins 200). ...
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