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Sports and Enhancement Drugs

The use of stimulants and performance enhancing drugs in sports gained momentum in the 1950s-60s. The full fledge use of performance-enhancing drugs was initiated by the Russian athletes who during the 1954 Olympics held in Australia gave a power packed performance outshining their competitors especially the Americans. This started a war of steroids as the Americans came up with their own steroid. Since then performance enhancing drugs especially steroids have become a regular feature in the world of sports. Stories about athletes and sportsperson using performance enhancing drugs often make headlines. For days print and TV media disclose events and incidents and finally confessions from sports person who failed the dope test. These prodigal sons and daughters of the soil are then labeled as “cheap cheats” and stripped of all the honors and medals they had earned for their country. People criticize the fallen idol for sometime and the sports world calls for stricter measures to discourage the use of performance enhancing drugs but then everything hushes up until a new member is inducted in the Hall of Shame. Even though they bring so much disgrace, the use of performance enhancement drugs is on the rise among sports person. What are performance enhancing drugs? Do they really affect an athlete’s performance and why do athletes take the risk of using them when they bring nothing but pain in the end are some questions which will be answered in this thesis. Also should the use of performance enhancing drugs be legalized will be discussed here.The new century has given a new meaning to “sports”; earlier international sports were events where athletes from all over the world met and competed. ...
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When fighting wars or competing in sports, human beings desire a competitive edge over their competitors. They often come up with plans and strategies which give them an upper hand and the use of artificial stimulants is one of them…
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