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Illegal Immigrants in United States

According to statistics from 2006, immigrants originate mostly from North America, with a few exceptions, such as the 12% from Asia and 8% from South America (Colton-Sonnenberg, pp.4). The topic of illegal immigration, however, is more complex than it appears to be, since there is misinformation, opposing views as well as lack of information about certain matters (Haines & Rosenblum, pp.1). Furthermore, the legal, moral, and economic aspects add controversy to this topic, resulting in its frequent debate in the matter of politics. Not everyone sees it as a terrible crime however. Some consider it a harmless situation, since illegal immigration provides cheap labor to the US citizens. However, since these immigrants often end up draining the fiscal resources of the country, their presence is not favorable, making those people suffer, who have a lower socio economic standing in society (APRA, 2006).
Although immigration brings prosperity to the country in terms of contribution of skilled individuals, as well as enriched cultural diversity, however, illegal immigration has been causing economic, social, and cultural losses to the country. In this regard, the paper will look at different aspects of illegal immigration to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the issue.
In particular, illegal immigrants are those people who enter a country undocumented, live there without any formal documentation and authorization, or are living there longer than the authorization. Such immigration occurs in every country, though not with the same high frequency as in the United States. These immigrants are usually from developing countries such as the Philippines, India, and Korea. ...
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As stated in section 135, Title 8 of the US code, it is a federal offense for any ‘alien’ (non-citizen) to enter into the US through improper means (APRA, 2006). According to the statistics for 2011, “there are around 11.9 million illegal immigrants in the US, and they compose of almost four percent of the population” (USA Diversity Lottery, 2011)…
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