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Name Instructor’s Name Course June 2, 2015 Comparative Editorials on Gun Control Introduction There is an ongoing debate regarding the need for gun control in view of ever increasing violent incidents especially perpetuated against helpless children. The recent news of an apparent massacre of 27 people from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut raised alarm levels to develop drastic measures that would abate casualties from indiscriminate firing of guns.


The discourse would present a separate examination of each article’s arguments including supporting contentions. A concluding portion would then assess which editorial was deemed most effective. Editorial One: Australian gun control holds lessons for U.S. The editorial article entitled “Australian gun control holds lessons for U.S.” published online in the USA Today on December 18, 2012 proffered issues that apparently compared the measures taken by Australia in terms of gun control. As an editorial article, the author comes from the Editorial Board, but was not specifically identified. The article’s main thesis was despite sharing similarities between the United States and Australia in terms of having previously experienced violent deaths due to indiscriminate firing of guns, Australia’s gun control policy which was enforced after a 1996 shooting eventually solved the dilemma. ...
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