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sports in canada

The most common sporting events are ice hockey, soccer, basketball, Canadian football and lacrosse. Sporting activities in Canada serve as a unifying factor for its people who come from different backgrounds of diverse cultures and traditions. This diversity sometimes acts as grounds for disunity and discord amongst the citizenry, and it has been found out that Sport breaks through all these invisible barriers erected by people between each other. Canadian sports are characterized by having a rich history and strong national values are attached to some sports activities. This is a discussion about the significance of Canadian sports and the different roles and purposes it plays in Canadian society. Canada was home to Native Americans who are referred to as Indians, and they are the aboriginal inhabitants of Canada. The aboriginals used sporting activities to strength and foster strong inter-clan relations that were vital for their survival and general wellbeing. Sporting activities initially developed from people’s daily chores, and as new ways of doing things developed, older ways of doing things was done just for leisure and amusement. Just like other people from different civilizations, Canadian aboriginals used sports to practice their survival skills. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Sports in Canada. Sport can be defined as an activity that is performed by people for competitive purposes and as a source of pleasure and amusement. Sports and games are two distinct entities and they can be distinguished from each other by the level of participation and the stakes involved…
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