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Sample Exam Paper Questions

Worthington and Britton (2009, p.6) define the macro environment as “those ... factors ...which affect a wide variety of businesses and which can emanate not only from local and national sources but also from international and supranational developments”. There are many variants, including different factors, but the framework to be used for this analysis is the STEEPLE framework, representing the Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical factors that affect business and over which business has no control. A macro-environmental analysis is contained within the following diagram: Figure One: Macro-Environmental Analysis for UniQlo Expansion into the UK Consumer Behaviour The British retail culture is based around a consumption model that focuses on products and the image that such products convey when seen in conjunction with the consumer. Hoyer and MacInnis (2010) identify several components that make up the consumer’s culture: diversity, social class and household influences, psychographics (including values, personality and lifestyles, and social influences. They link these to the psychological core which includes motivation ability and opportunity; exposure, attention and perception; knowing and understanding; attitude formation and change; and memory and retrieval. ...
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Marketing Analysis: UniQlo Introduction This report provides an analysis of the UniQlo organisation and its entry into the UK luxury retail fashion market. It will consider different aspects of strategy relevant to this situation: corporate, design, financial, retail, marketing, supply chain, information and people management…
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Sample Exam Paper Questions
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