Managing Organizational Change

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Week 1 forum: In your Original Post discuss either negative or positive changes you've seen in your organization since the economic downturn that began December 2007.  Refer to Table 1.1 in the text and select one or more that apply to the change you are discussing.  Include your reactions/impressions about your organization's change and whether/how it affected you, other employees, production, etc The economic downturn that began in December 2007 had immense repercussions on my organization.


The move was an intentional one to ensure that the organization is able to resurrect itself from a loss of market share, loss of revenues and unwitting loss of employees that may take place in case the organization undergoes an organizational decline. Downsizing in my organization led to employee and personnel reduction only. However, resources are also brought down in some other organizations. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the organization. According to Freeman and Cameron (1993), downsizing affects the way work is accomplished. The overall workforce declines when downsizing takes place and hence less number of individuals is available to do the same amount of work. The same happened in my organization. As a result of downsizing the overall work load on one individual increased. This led to burnout, lower morals and inefficiencies. Thus the change within my organization was directly related to marshalling and channeling of resources. This has also been referred to and explained in the IBM change story of Table 1.1. ...
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