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Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions - Essay Example

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Author : wbrekke
Environmental Studies
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6 June 2011. Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Why reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions? Global warming has become one of the biggest world issues in the present age because it is causing a lot of problems…

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Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Natural disasters have blanketed the world in the recent years. Every year, many areas are flooded with water which is a potential threat to the life of animals and humans. Many people lose their lives in tsunamis. Glaciers that are melting away are depriving many animal species of their habitat. Glaciers are the primary source of food and shelter for polar bears. The rate at which glaciers are melting away presently will soon make the polar bears extinct from Earth completely. Also, thousands of cattle are drowned in floods whenever they occur. In addition to that, many people die of severe heat in the summer season every year because every summer season is getting much hotter than the preceding one. Air pollution has made people acquire many diseases. Thus, global warming is a big threat to life on Earth in many ways. Increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is the fundamental cause of global warming. CO2 is the fundamental greenhouse gas that causes the temperature to rise. In order to reduce the global warming, it is imperative that level of CO2 emissions is reduced. Two-thirds of the total electricity in the world is produced from fossil fuels which, along with doing this job, make one-third of the total CO2 emission in the world. ...
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