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Action learning review - work design

Considering personal objectives, work design should allow employees to find a sense of fulfillment and potential in their job. There should be particular attention given to employee perceptions regarding autonomy and the challenges of such an environmentAs a socio-technical system, work design is critical in the consideration of the human factors in the workplace. The objective is to be able to create an environment were workers can achieve job satisfaction, efficiency, effectivity and be able to have access to channels for the resolution of problems. In a company that operates on flexible hours and remotely, it is important to create work designs that can be accessed 24/7. At the same time, communication and resolution of policies and issues alike must be done in real time and promptly. At the same time, there should be consideration for security, privacy and sensitivity of programs to circumvent ant limitations that may develop from the nature or structure of the organization. It was only recently, around in the early part of the 20th century that the value of human resources was given its much and due importance in the organization. Research had shown that employee commitment and satisfaction are highly correlated and this coincides with their intrinsic motivation to work and stick with the organization through its up and downs. Employees are willing to go beyond their call of duty if they have a high job commitment (Bartol & Martin, 1998). ...
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Considering personal objectives, work design should allow employees to find a sense of fulfillment and potential in their job. There should be particular attention given to employee perceptions regarding autonomy and the challenges of such an environment…
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