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Ocean Pollution

The issue of pollution has continued so much due to relaxed rules and regulation and also due to the enactment of laws with loopholes which can be maneuvered easily. World corruption has also contributed to the relaxedness of the law hence continuo’s human misbehavior with the environment.
There are so many different ways to clean our beaches which will help save the marine life, our health, and our earth. Teaching children the different ways to recycle in a fun way can be a great idea.
If we put time and effort to learn the steps to keeping this earth clean and telling others, keeping the ocean clean would mean a much healthier planet. Having uncontaminated water would mean eating healthy seafood which will make healthier people. Jobs that require monitoring and cleaning the beaches would help the economy a great deal amount. Having clean oceans give people a good place to do their recreations. Many people do not clean the beaches because they think it is too expensive, but in reality, the long-term effects will be way more expensive and hurt our sea animals, human health and our planet overall. We have a responsibility to clean our planet; it is the simple steps we take that will make a huge difference to this generation and other generations to come.
Proper implementation of these laws and treaties, and international agreement like marine protection, research and sanctuary Act, will play an important role in reducing and preventing marine debris, plastic pollution and other marine pollution which are experience in the marine life. ...
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This essay discusses ocean pollution that is a serious environmental issue. Even though there have been regulations and laws passed to stop the pollution of the ocean, it is still a really major problem for many years…
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