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The role of Science and Non renewable energy

The Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has been among the world’s great wildlife areas. The area was considered as one of the worlds’ remaining wildlife and wilderness frontiers because of its variety in vegetation and topography. The area has proved to be significant ecological dependability as it provides critical habitats for many world species including but limited to porcupine, caribou and polar bears. Despite this, the area is found in the Alaskan land where oil and gas is available for exploration and other development activities. This area has been the bone of contention since it also functions as the habitat for some of the world threatened wildlife species (Staudinger, 2002). As for the case of oil exploration in this area, scientist have stood their ground in opposing the commissioning of the oil and gas exploration project despite the forces from various divides such as political, economical and even social. ...
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The role of Science and Non renewable energy Name of student: Course: Tutor: Introduction Science forms part of our daily lives and therefore it can dictate certain aspects of human activities. Human beings find themselves into problems without knowing what might have been the cause…
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