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Environmental Degradation

The most common types of environmental degradation include pollution, soil erosion, desertification, and deforestation. Pollution can be classified into air pollution, and water pollution. These types of environmental degradation are interdependent such that the presence of one type acts as a causative agent of the other. Causes of environmental degradation can either be natural and human factors. The dilemmas experienced in environmental conservation are caused by differences in interests and the necessity for survival of some environmental destruction activities. Regardless of the numerous causes of environmental destruction across the world, governments and citizens continuously strive to ensure environmental sustainability for future generations.
Causes and Impacts of Environmental degradation
Environmentalists classify causes of environmental degradation into human causes and natural causes. Human causes include burning fossil fuels, industrial activities, construction of infrastructures, agriculture, oil spillage, and transport activities. Natural causes, on the other hand include natural disasters, global warming, and volcanicity.
Burning fossil fuels and transport activities
The current trade generation is characterized by massive transportation of people, goods, and services. Cars, heavy-duty tracks, airplanes, trains, and shipping vessels burn a lot of fossil fuels to produce energy for their motion (Gautam, 2010). ...
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Environmental degradation is not a new aspect in the spectrum of the environment since it has been happening throughout the history of human beings; however, its rate has now increased to the extent of not leaving adequate time for the recovery and regeneration of the environment…
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