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This essay describes current situatuion on air pollution in the capital city of China, Beijing. The researcher focuses on air pollution as an increasing issue among environmentalist and residents in China. Regrettably, any hopes of resolving this national calamity seems like just a mere dream…


This essay focuses mostly on air pollution levels in the capital city of China, Beijing, that has overtime become an ever increasing issue among environmentalist and residents in China. As the researcher states, any hopes of resolving this national calamity seems like just a mere dream. According to Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, the current quality of air is reported to be above 300, which is considered hazardous by the World Health Organization. This is because dense smog hangs down the atmosphere affecting the people of Beijing. The monitoring stations also observed that atmospheric particulates known as PM 2.5 are mostly responsible for air pollution in Beijing. The researcher explaines the PM 2.5 can be described as small, invisible particles which affect and damage respiratory system. In conclusion it is summed up that, Beijing is a city powered by coal-fired electricity stations, which are responsible for air pollution and which continues to have potentially lethal impacts on China`s urban population. Polluted air consists of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds, which affect the respiratory system. When inhaled, they adversely affect the body by contributing to numerous respiratory problems, certainly for people susceptible to allergic reactions and asthmatic condition. Therefore, the researcher reccomends that the Chinese government should work on a plan on how to reduce air pollution more and make the atmosphere clean for all citizens. ...
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