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Notions of Security and Privacy on the Internet Your Name Your College/University Notions of Security and Privacy on the Internet The revolutions in communication and relationships caused by the worldwide shift to utilizing the resources provided by the internet pose unprecedented and special kinds of ethical issues.


Individuals generally assume that such information is kept secret by the websites and resources that they entrust with these details; however, data mines like those on the internet can easily be manipulated and used such that compromising information can be turned over. The roles of organized parties in the relationship between individual data provider and collectors of data are not as clear as they should be. For example, one might wonder what the role of internet service providers are, or what the government’s role is, or what the websites themselves are obligated to do in these circumstances. Although these other parties may, in fact, have a role in ensuring internet privacy and security, ultimately the responsibility lies on the part of the individual person or entity in protecting his or her (or its) information. In terms of the government’s role in regulating for internet privacy and security, it seems that the United States has not lived up to the international standards of privacy protection and comprehensive regulation, which creates a logistical problem for managing the use and abuse of internet resources between borders. ...
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