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This paper talks that technology is increasing in our midst as man tries to simplify work and even play through the use of technology. Technology includes those which man uses to communicate and reach out to the world including computers and cell phones. …


This report approves that the age of the child and his or her developmental stage must be taken into account when considering computer use. The same can be said with the ubiquitous cell phone and iPod. Accordingly, for very young children the answers to these questions are usually "no" as their use for most children under age three does not have meaning for the child. To reduce such risks, it is proposed that children's time of use on these technologies be limited and their exposure to different types of content should be supervised. Technology has its bad side. In children's interactions with parents and other adult authority figures, the traditional parent–child relationship is reversed, with the computer-savvy child becoming teacher to the parent, eroding authority structures, and resulting in children as less accepting of parental authority. Children learn to form "electronic friendships" with computers instead of friendships with their peers and this might hinder them in developing their interpersonal skills. The Alliance for Childhood thinks technology is not helpful but doing the opposite - worsening academic performance and increasing drop-out rates.
As these studies have shown, when used appropriately, technology can support and extend learning in valuable ways and can increase educational opportunities for children and fulfill their communication needs. The key is just in finding the balance, knowing how to coordinate the components of a healthy childhood with the unequalled potentialities offered by technology. ...
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