Bulling in the Public Schools and the Laws that Protect Students and Teachers. - Essay Example

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Bulling in the Public Schools and the Laws that Protect Students and Teachers.

This essayb approves that regardless of the causes of bullying, the people in the receiving end of bullying had the right for protection, students and teachers alike. With this need in mind, there were several legislations passed against bullying although these by themselves are not enough. It is important for teachers and parents to consult lawyers and other legal experts about the technicalities involved with federal and state laws on bullying. For example, there is a prevailing 10-day myth on suspensions. According to this misconception, the maximum cumulative days that an offender must be suspended is 10 days. This is not entirely true. This is only true with students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act. But even if students have disabilities according to the definition provided by IDEA, if such students pose clear and present danger, the safety of other students must also be considered. Hence, the law does not preclude school administrators from disciplining such bullies beyond 10 days.
This report makes a conclusion that anyone charged with a crime cannot make ignorance of laws as an excuse. Ignorantia legis neminem excusat or ignorance of the law excuses no one. Every person is presumed to know the provisions of the law. With this in mind, victims of bullies should not be afraid that the law will favor those offenders. On the part of school administrators and teachers, they ought to be informed of specific laws that will tackle and deal with problems of bullying. And they should utilize every provision of state and federal laws in favor of the victims, since bullying is an offense that should not be taken lightly. ...
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In this paper, bullying and myths are first presented. The problem in focus is bullying, and such myths have perpetrated the problem instead of solving them. Such myths persist because of people not really knowing the research findings. …
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