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The sensory organs of a consumer are enthused by the stimulus. The minimum level of difference that would happen in the intensity of the two stimuli that a person can detect half of the time is known as ‘Just Noticeable Difference’. In simple terms this is the minimal perceptible difference between two situations or two products, as noticed by the customers…


In today’s world, most wives are much educated and employed. So surely while deciding on the attributes of TV sets, the husband and wives would have more equal dominating power. The sex-role structure orientation would leave the women with more dominating power than the men in the family. The family life cycle would have an affect on the dynamics of decision making. In the young married stage the decision would be dominated equally by the wives and husbands. In the later stages husbands are supposed to be more dominated. A TV advertiser would could make an advertisement for a high end expensive TV to attract more men than women. As per the opinion leadership theory, an opinion leader is the person who is quite accustomed to media and advertisement. He tends to interpret the meaning of those advertisements to the lower end users of the same. An opinion leader, mostly, is an expertise in a particular field. Sometimes viewers are more inclined to get influenced by the opinion leaders as they believe that they know more than the consumers. In such a case companies use such leaders in the advertisements.
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