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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Industry 5 Companies to Merge/Acquire 7 T-mobile 7 Mission 8 Vision 8 Sprint 9 Mission 10 Vision 11 Competitors 11 AT&T 11 Verizon 12 Justification for Merger (Benefits) 13 Resources of T-mobile and Sprint 15 Strategic Alliances 17 Nature of the Offer 17 Organizational Culture 18 T-mobile 18 Sprint 18 Integration Plan 19 Risk Analysis 20 Media Analysis 21 Previous Merger 21 Previous Failed Merger 22 Conclusion 23 A merger between T-Mobile and Sprint will be historical because it can create a super-giant in the telecommunications world and the magnitude of the companies being merged because of the success that they can achieve.


Retrieved from http://transition.fcc.gov/omd/history/radio/power.html. 24 Appendix A 26 Appendix B 27 Abstract This paper is going to look at a possible merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. It will provide an overview of the industry, history of companies, how the companies will integrate after the merger, historical financials as well as projected financials. This paper will also look at the industry competitors, past successful mergers and failed mergers. It will cover the benefits if the merger takes place and the associated risks with the merger. T-mobile and Sprint’s Merger and Acquisition Report Introduction T-Mobile US, Inc. is a mobile system running company with headquarters in Washington. The company caters to millions and is almost the fourth largest mobile company in U.S. Sprint mobile is another telecommunication company in U.S.; its headquarters is in Kansas (Antaki, Borst, Brzeski, & Sze, 2004). ...
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