Barclays Bank: Viewing Principles of Finance at Work

Barclays Bank:  Viewing Principles of Finance at Work Essay example
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Barclays Bank: Viewing Principles of Finance at Work Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Portfolio Diversification in Barclays 7 Market Efficiency of Barclays 12 Conclusion 15 References 17 Introduction Barclays plc is often regarded as one of the largest British associations, which provides international investment and commercial services to worldwide client base.


The bank is also known for providing the public with the first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) service, nearly 40 years ago dated in 19671. Similar to every other large-sized organisation, Barclays has also diversified its investments in various sectors and different assets; thus, developing its portfolio in a diverse manner. In simple terms, a portfolio can be defined as the assortment of different assets owned by a company or an individual or any legal entity, in terms of stocks, mutual funds, cash equivalents, bonds and other funds. The main intention of holding a diverse portfolio, mainly concentrates on the reduction and balancing of risks involved in investments. Correspondingly, the portfolio needs to be managed efficiently, in order to maintain the risk at a lower degree. It is considered to be a set of business procedures that mainly aims in coordinating the collection of strategic processes and decisions, which can most effectively balance any organizational change. It mainly aims in managing the total investment in order to meet the planned objectives. The main work of a portfolio manager is to make the right choice that aligns best to meet the objectives set by the organisation2. ...
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