Thomson One - Business School Edition - Walt Disney Prospectus

Thomson One - Business School Edition - Walt Disney Prospectus Essay example
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Thomson One - Business School Edition - Walt Disney Prospectus Question 1  The type of debt that Disney offered for sales is The Walt Disney Investment Plan which is an investment plan for the public for purchasing the common stock of Walt Disney on a direct basis.


The sale of common stock is an opportunity for the new stockholders to invest in the share of the company with a long term plan. The existing shareholders could also purchase the common stocks of the company by using the dividend proceeds allocated the company on each of the existing shares. The approach undertaken for marketability of the offered securities includes the engagement of independent brokers and dealers who would purchase the purchase the securities on behalf of the participants of the investment plan (Coyle, 2002). The initial responsibilities of independent broker and dealer have been awarded to Citigroup which is subject to change from time to time. The Disney Shareholder services department plays the function of resolving any queries on the sales of securities and also undertakes post sale service like dispatching of the statements, allocation of dividends, etc. The contact numbers of the plan administrators are also made available for the purpose of contact as desired by the investors. These are systematic approaches undertaken by the Walt Disney Group in order to ensure better marketability of the securities. Question 2 The dollar amount that Disney proposed to sell the public in 2008 is included in the features of the plan as given in the prospectus. The investment plan is offered for sale to the public in order to issue common stocks valued at certain dollar price. ...
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