Assignment 2: You Are an Entrepreneur!

Assignment 2: You Are an Entrepreneur! Assignment example
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Assignment 2: You Are an Entrepreneur! Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course Title: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Answer 1. 3 Answer 2. 6 Answer 3. 7 Answer 4. 8 Answer 5. 9 Answer 6. 10 References 11 Answer 1. a. Photography has been an area of great personal interest since my childhood.


Thus, I decide to start a business of photography in which I shall be the sole proprietor. Photography is a service offered to the client who are interested and require it. For starting the business at first I need to obtain a business license from the state and local authority so as to operate my photography business. Secondly I need to design a logo that will help to showcase my work and will represent me. Thirdly, I need to develop a photography business site of my own which will carry my photographs’. It will act as a link to reach various clients residing in different places of the state. For full marketing of my work, business cards are also required along with the photography business site. Next I shall approach for a rented flat where I shall open the studio. I have to also purchase and arrange for the different equipments that are required for starting photography as a business. The equipments will be camera, lens, computer, editing software, lightning devices, tripod stand, and sundry equipment. I will also have to employ 2 persons who will help me in my business operations. b. The photography business undertaken by me would be a sole proprietorship business. ...
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