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Finance Table of Contents Introduction 3 1. Distribution analysis 3 2. Market analysis 6 3. Financial analysis 11 Fig 9: Efficiency Ratios 11 Liquidity ratios 12 Source: (Henry 8) 12 Profitability ratios 12 Source: (Henry 8) 13 Technical Analysis 13 Source: (Henry 9) 14 Risk analysis through Alpha and Beta testing 14 4.


1. Distribution analysis American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has got outlets in USA as well as in Canada. All total there are more than 900 stores in and around USA and Canada. There are more than 150 stand alone stores in USA. The compnay has presence in more than 76 different international countries. AEO produces its own products and also sells them under the same brand name. Although the products itself may have different brand name but it comes from the same fashion house. The supply chain of AEO is a two level process only. Thus, the number of intermeidaries are comparatively low. The raw matrials are sourced from 15 different suppliers and the 5 different manufacturers produce the final products. The products are shipped to the warehouses (Bethel 24). They remain in the warehouse till new order for delivery are received. The products are then shifted to the distribution centre and from the distribution centre to the airports and ports. Most of the time the products are shifted through the ports. This is because of the reason that the waterway offers the most efficient and cost effective way to transport the goods. ...
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