Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Essay example
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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Question 1 The exceptional rise in bank reserves that has been caused by the responses of the central bank to the present financial crisis has brought about a substantial anxiety concerning a potentially uncontrollable and explosive future inflation increment.


In this article, I will analyze the current money neutrality and the creation of reserve without money creation as per the central banking systems. Money neutrality Numerous economics students have been taught the theory of money neutrality and its effect on how people consider the issue of monetary policy. The implications of money neutrality may be summarized as follows: in the long run, the growth of money ought to be neutral in its impact on the production growth rate and ought to affect the inflation rate. The earliest canonical works on the neutrality of money stated the superiority of monetary policy regulations that enabled the participants in the market to envisage the future money supplies. There were no debates in these abstract models for the necessity of an institution like a central bank that may be used to take the actions to apply a policy based on rules (Cecchetti 42). There were also no differences identified between the central bank’s liabilities and money. Theoretically, the gap between the inflation variables and the central bank variables (M1 and M2) are under the transmission mechanism, which is a monetary theory. The Federal Reserve utilizes the open market to withdraw or inject commercial bank reserves. ...
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