How the development of corporate governance improved the overall quality of uk band management

How the development of corporate governance improved the overall quality of uk band management Dissertation example
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How the introduction of corporate governance has impacted on performance of UK banks in terms general growth Abstract Corporate governance has been part of the daily processes of banks in UK and across the globe. This has led to several works of literature being conducted to find out the real benefits of corporate governance in relation to growth and profitability.


In the course of the presentation and interpretation of results, it was established that banks that pay the best of salaries and have an effective remuneration programs retain their employees over a very long periods of time in their organisations. In the same way, those that paid less suffered frequent cases of employee turnover in the forms of resignation and unannounced quitting of position. Literature has indeed showed that when companies put in proactive efforts through the standardisation of remuneration as suggested by the UK corporate governance code to retain their employees, there is a superlative impact that this would have on company performance (Iedema and Poppe, 2001). First and foremost, it will be noted that companies with long serving employees can be assured of a human resource base that is in-tuned with the organisational culture in place at the workplace (National Technical Information Services, 1987). Subsequently, the rhythm of customer participation will be easily read by such employees, who would in turn offer services and products that meet customer specification. In the long run, customers who have their specifications met will become satisfied with service received and will want to continue doing business with the bank. ...
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