Financial Management - Cool Moose Creamery

Financial Management - Cool Moose Creamery Essay example
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Contents Introduction 3 Important Elements to Consider 3 Market Size and potential of the market 3 Product and its uniqueness 4 Demand of the products or services 4 Competition 5 Expected Return on Investment 5 Risk involved 5 Availability of resources 6 Reversible Investment 6 Gut Feeling 6 Taking the final decision of investment 7 Assessing the possibility of Purchasing a new single-head soft-serve ice cream machine 7 Qualitative Issues that need to be consider: 9 Competition 9 Demand of ice cream in the market 9 Legal issues 10 Opportunities Prevailing 10 Conclusion 10 Exhibit 11 Project Profit and Loss Statement 11 Calculating Hourly Rate of employee 11 Cost of soft-serve mix per serving


The report analyses whether starting a new franchise of Cool Moose Creamery would be feasible or not and what opportunities and threats might be considered while starting this venture. The report has been divided into two parts; the first part of the reports highlights and discusses different elements that could influence the decision whether to start a new venture or not and the other part of the report analyses the feasibility of starting a new venture by using different project appraisal techniques. The first part of would include more of qualitative data however the quantitative data and all the calculations have been included in the second part. ...
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