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JPMorgan Income and PLC. Name: Course: Instructor: Date: In what ways do the main Modigliani and Miller (MM) economic models of gearing fail Introduction During 1950s, Modigliani and Miller gained popularity for their intense study on the capital-structure theory.


The professors further theorized about the market value a any given firm being determined by not only the earning power of the given firm, but also by the risk associated to he underlying assets of the firm with the firms value being independent of the way it chooses to finance its investment or the distribution of the dividends. The capital structure theorists who are perceived to be orthodox are mainly divided into two different groups with the fundamentalists like Modigliani and Miller making arguments bout the world approaching perfection very much closely with the imperfections which might be offsetting to a great extent which consequently makes gearing not to matter in the real sense. Amongst the scholars classified as the revisionists include finance text authors who are famous for writing for a wide group of audience for whom theoretical ingenuity may in real terms not imply to the highest value but instead make attempts towards accommodating, though, within the confines of orthodoxy in what is described as the stark difference between Modigliani and Millers both theoretical analysis and empirical observations as regards to the importance that has been based on a firms capital structure not only by the firm itself, but by also the investors (Findlay and Williams, 1985). ...
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