Accounting Information Systems and Control Issues

Accounting Information Systems and Control Issues Essay example
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The four main roles played by a manager in any organisation is to plan,to organise,to engage staffs,to direct and to control.By controlling it is verified whether all aspects of the business is occurring with conformities with the plans that were implemented


A Control Manager warrants efficient and effective exploitation of resources in an organisation so that the planned goals are achieved. It seeks to measure the divergence of actual productivity from the benchmark performance and analyses the causes of the divergence if any and renders measures to take corrective actions. Controlling has several features: As dynamic in nature, it enhances the coordination of activities taking place in an organisation and helps in the process of planning. Internal control In the context of accounting and finance, internal control relates to a process by which the structure, the flow of task and authority, the people and the management information systems are designed in a manner so as to help an organization achieve definite goals and objectives. By this operation an organization directs monitors and measures its resources. Control plays a significant part in checking and identifying fraud and defending both physical resources like land and machinery and intangible resources like goodwill or intellectual property (Trenerry, p.126). The objectives of internal control in an organisation would mean delivery of reliable financial reporting, opportune feedback when operational goals are achieved and conformity with rules and regulations. ...
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