How does the western model of Internet Banking apply to Russia?

How does the western model of Internet Banking apply to Russia? Dissertation example
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HOW DOES THE WESTERN MODEL OF INTERNET BANKING APPLY TO RUSSIA 3.0 Methodology The methodology chapter of the researcher paper seeks to make known the various processes and procedures the researcher went through as part of data collection for the study (Nicholson II, 2007).


This chapter of the study will therefore spell out the most important aspects of tasks that the researcher put in place as part of data collection. As much as area of the research such as the literature review holds a prospect for answering most of the research questions and by extension achieve some of the research objectives, undertaking primary data collection remains a very useful way of testing secondary data used for the study (Riketta, 2008). This is because with primary data collection, the researcher is offered the opportunity of collecting first hand data that is not distorted or biased. The chapter shall open with the research philosophy that the researcher employed for the primary data collection. This is because the research philosophy will give the reader a general overview of the perspective from which the researcher conducts the remaining parts of primary data collection, whether inductively or deductively. There shall also be other aspects of the chapter such as research design, qualitative design, research strategy, research scope, as well as data quality issues. By the close of the chapter therefore, the reader will have a vivid understanding of the entire approach that involved the conduct of the research. ...
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