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Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank for a long time has been seen to capitalise in this, even before the field of behavioural finance was. One of the best example as to how Barclays Bank is using behavioural finance theory to advance its business is the English Premier League sponsorship which the bank has sponsored since 2001. Sports generate a lot of emotions epically emotions of belonging and fondness. In this regard, sponsoring the English Premier League which is popular not only in England but actually in the whole world has enabled the bank to be able to access a lot of market. There are so many customers around the world who become customers to Barclays Bank just because they associate it with their favourite sport, soccer. Business Funding at Barclays Bank Being a three hundred year old business, Barclays Bank has used a number of funding methods over the years. However, there are the most recent funding methods which the bank has opted. ...
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Barclays Bank Financial Management Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Behavioural Finance Barclays Bank has done a very good job in implementing behavioural economics as a way to guarantee that it is able to expand its interests. Behavioural finance theory postulates that although individuals are mostly rational beings who make rational economic decision with the aim to expand their wealth, they sometimes make irrational decisions influenced by emotions and psychology thus making irrational decisions about their finance (Baker and Nofsinger 49)…
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