Resort Maps - Business Acquisition Case Study

Resort Maps - Business Acquisition Case Study Case Study example
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 Business Acquisition Case Study Name: Institution:       Business Acquisition Case Study Question A I think I have sufficient information to reach a decision on purchasing the Breckenridge business. This is because the financial information provided by the owners and the background research I have conducted provides sufficient information regarding the business.


In addition, the background research reveals other issues, for example, the transfer fee of $5,000 to the franchisor, human resources, customer payments, business risks, and mode of ownership which will help in making the decision. Question B I would use the net present value methodology to determine the valuation for Breckenridge business. This is because the net present value methodology is helpful in assessing the success of the business. The net present value methodology will illustrate the definite change in the value of Breckenridge business as a consequence of taking on the business. This means that approximating the current value of Breckenridge business and anticipated profits from Breckenridge business I can evenly evaluate the financial outlook of the business and a sensible decision can be reached as to whether business will be profitable to consider pursuing. I would not need to carry out further research. There are several ways I would go about when preparing to make an offer. One, I would see a business broker. A business broker will give sound advice regarding the transaction. Two, I would talk to the clients of the business to get a feeling of the business. ...
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