Literature Review of Personal financial services

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Literature Review of Personal Financial Services Table of Contents 1.0 Literature Review 3 1.1 Wealth Management 3 1.2 Customer Relationship Management in Personal Financial Services 3 1.2.1 Customer Relationship Management in Chinese Financial Institutions 4 1.3 Customer Behaviour in Personal Financial Services 5 2.


It constitutes of financial services, which are managed by certified planners and money managers and their main task is to focus on the enhancement of the investor’s money and income. The accumulated wealth of the investor would be managed efficiently with the help of portfolio analysis and effective advisory services. Wealth management in China is highly regulated and monitored by the Chinese government by evaluating each and every product. It is necessary for the investment banks to disclose the necessary and additional information related to the high yield and average returns. The regulators try to control and monitor the wealth management products to tighten the supervision and control activities. The banking regulators along with Chinese Government Securities Depositary Trust & Clearing Co Ltd help in establishing the registration platform. The banks are required to submit detailed production of the wealth management products. The new regulation measures will help in facilitating transparency regarding the new wealth management products for better understanding of the markets. It has also been observed that wealth management products in China are the high yielding financial vehicles, which is basically targeted to a larger audience; to prevent liquidity, risk and problems. ...
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