Dissertation sample - Investment opportunities and risks in stock markets: A comparison between emerging and developed economies

Investment opportunities and risks in stock markets: A comparison between emerging and developed economies Dissertation example
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Investment Opportunities and Risks in Stock Markets: A Comparison between Emerging and Developed Economies Abstract This study will review the studies of other researchers and then randomly select a group of developed and emerging markets to verify whether there exists significant opportunities for investment and risks in stock markets…


These markets comprise developing nations- which are starting to attain swift economic growth as well as liberalisation in recent times. On the whole, the growth rates in these developing nations over the previous ten years have remained twice that of the developed nations. Moreover, this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. As a result, organisations and business houses instituted in developed countries are showing a rising interest in making investments in the emerging economies. In the light of swiftly increasing foreign investment in the emerging markets, a general question arises regarding the safety of such investments. In other words, are there any significant investment opportunities and risks in stock markets when the investors make certain assumptions and compare their return on investment from emerging markets with developed markets? In order to answer this question many important factors are to be considered when an investor decides to invest in emerging countries. ...
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