New Performance Management (NPM) : Who benefits from today's measurement?

New Performance Management (NPM) : Who benefits from today
Literature review
Finance & Accounting
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Finance and Accounting Table of Contents Introduction 3 Performance measurement in the public sector 3 Examples of performance measurement in the public sector and the impact 5 Swedish Public Sector 5 Swedish Armed forces 7 Development of Greek System 7 Reference List 9 Introduction The literature review elaborates the fact behind the regimes of performance measurement in public sector.


The reasons behind the outcomes are series of managerial and technical issues which are linked with the public sector performance measurement that make the management system unfit for the operation. Another reason is the challenges that the public sectors face when they import management practices from the private sector which is more disciplined and planned. The review thus explains a set of arguments in an organized manner. The first portion of the review elaborates the framework of New Public Management (NPM) and argues regarding the increasing need of the performance measurement in the various elements of public sector both internationally and nationally. The next section elaborates few examples of performance measurement. After this two sections review discusses few important weaknesses of such rules. It also explains in an argument that the weakness has resulted in systemic problems which have not supported the rules to deliver their actual benefit in terms of improvement of services of the public sector. The review ends with other probable results of the performance measurement (Adcroft and Willis, 2005). ...
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